F.E. Toan

Frankie Toan is an artist working mostly with craft and DIY materials and techniques to create large plush sculptures and interactive works. With an emphasis on labor and process, Frankie explores the complexities of touch, connection, and embodiment. In their current body of work Frankie utilizes low-brow, accessible materials and techniques to make accessible, alluring and playful offerings. These recent pieces are somewhere between childish and monstrous, deviant and domestic.
Frankie holds a BFA in Craft/Material studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s studies. Originally trained as a metalsmith and metal fabricator, Frankie has recently been following their love of fiber and all things soft. Frankie has participated in many group shows and collaborations nationwide. Currently, Frankie is an artist in residence at RedLine Contemporary Art Space in Denver, CO.